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Capital Credits

MCREA Retires $2 Million in Patronage Capital, Issues Capital Credits Checks 

Cooperative businesses like Morgan County Rural Electric Association differ from investor-owned utilities because we operate to serve the needs of our members, not to increase the profits of stockholders. For example, when MCREA experiences greater income than expense (called margins), those returns (called patronage capital) are reissued to our members in the form of capital credits checks. In contrast, investor owned utilities send their profits to their stockholders.

In November 2016, the Morgan County REA Board of Directors authorized patronage capital retirements totaling $2 million for a complete retirement of 2000 and partial retirement of 2001 MCREA allocations, along with a complete retirement of 1994 & 1995 and a partial retirement of 1996 generation and transmission margin allocations. If you were an MCREA member in any (or all) of those years, you should have received a capital credits check for your share of the margin allocations in December 2016. If you did not receive a check in December, and you were a Morgan County REA member in any or all of those years, please click here for more information about unclaimed capital credits.



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